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GeoCue is the designated North American reseller of Terrasolid software. Terrasolid develops software products that are used worldwide for processing point cloud and image data from airborne and mobile LiDAR systems. Running inside Bentley’s MicroStation CAD software, Terrasolid offers a variety of tools for viewing, analyzing, and extracting features from 3D point clouds accurately and efficiently. Additional modules offer workflows for LiDAR sensor calibration and point cloud data correction, surface modeling, and orthophoto generation from LiDAR and imagery. Terrasolid software supports LiDAR data from all sources: airborne, mobile, and static scanners.

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Process raw airborne or terrestrial scanned laser data.

TerraScan is a versatile software package for processing raw airborne or terrestrial scanned laser data (LIDAR). Operators and other users read-in trajectories and raw data points and classify them into user-defined point classes like ground, vegetation and buildings.
Besides built–in formats, like LAS and TerraScan binary, the user can define his own formats for reading-in practically any ASCII-survey files. All processing routines are optimized to reach the highest performance of the workstation. This performance will be easily exceeded, if the total data is hundreds or even billions of points. In such cases you can divide the data into smaller, geographical blocks and automate processing by user-defined macros.

Natural combinations to TerraScan in laser data processing are TerraSlave, TerraMatch, TerraModeler and TerraPhoto.


Correct laser data points optimized for MicroStation® SE/J and V8 from Bentley Systems.

TerraMatch compares overlapping laser strips with each other and corrects orientation parameters to obtain the best fit and improved accuracy of the LIDAR data. The adjustment is based on measured differences between the xyz shape or the intensity of laser points from different strips. The user can decide whether TerraMatch matches all the data points or only points from selected flight lines.


Produce orthorectified images from airborne images.

TerraPhoto is specifically developed to process images, which are taken during a laser-scanning mission. TerraPhoto uses a TIN of ground laser points for an accurate projection model, using known points on the ground for quality control. TerraPhoto is seamlessly compatible with other Terrasolid applications for LIDAR mapping.


Create, Edit and Utilize Surface Models

TerraModeler creates surface models (TINs) from various sources, such as LIDAR points stored in binary files or loaded in TerraScan, XYZ ascii files and graphical design elements. The software offers versatile visualization options including colored shaded surfaces, contour lines, grids, colored triangle nets, elevation texts, slope directions and textured surfaces (in combination with TerraPhoto). Additional functionality includes the production of contour lines and lattice models in batch processing, modification of the TIN, creation of profiles, calculation of volumes, calculation of elevation or volume differences between two surface models, several labeling options as well as other tools for design purposes. Complete with various export options, TerraModeler is a versatile tool for many kinds of design and modeling tasks.


Render and Visualize Large Point Clouds

TerraStereo is a stand-alone application for visualizing very large point clouds. It uses high-performance graphics boards for rendering huge amounts of points quickly and with high quality. The software enables you to:

  • visualize up to 50 billion points that are organized in a TerraScan project
  • perform visual analysis and quality check in both, small and large scale displays
  • navigate through the point cloud freely or based on TerraScan trajectory files
  • create animations
  • view laser data in stereo mode and create stereo screencaptures
  • easily change between different display channels and point rendering modes combine different visualization channels in order to improve the perceptibility of objects in the point cloud
    • elevation, intensity and class coloring
    • color by RGB values
    • shaded surface display
    • point density coloring
    • TerraZ rendering method for masking foreground objects
    • different quality levels for point rendering
  • switch point classes on/off
  • apply elevation exaggeration to the point cloud for specific analysis tasks
  • measure distances within the point cloud
  • digitize line vector elements and export them to TerraSurvey


Run TerraScan macros on a remote workstation.

Processing massive amounts of laser points and images can be a real challenge to a single PC. With TerraSlave you can distribute time- and resource-consuming tasks such as TerraScan macro execution to several PCs over a LAN and thus, free your own workstation for other processing steps.

What's New in Terrasolid v022?

Check out our Knowledge Base for highlights of the new features that have been added to the Terrasolid software between February 2021 and March 2022 and can be found in the version 022 releases.