Drone flight & data management eMotion

A drone’s flight management (or ground station) software defines your experience—if this is complicated or confusing, operations can quickly become a chore. eMotion is different: it’s advanced, scalable drone software that anyone can use.

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Product Features

Simplicity meets power

Beginner-friendly, yet packed with advanced features to optimise results, eMotion helps you get your drone in the air quickly, while including all the functionality you need to collect and manage exactly the geospatial data you require.


eMotion is the only professional-grade drone software to support both fixed-wing and multirotor operations. It includes intuitive mission planning blocks and flight modes to suit every application, from automated eBee mapping flights to up-close albris inspections.

Full 3D Environment

eMotion’s full 3D environment adds a new dimension to drone flight management—helping you to more accurately plan, simulate and control your drone’s trajectory for safer flights, more consistent performance and improved data quality.


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