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Canada’s only authorized distributor
for senseFly and Parrot drones.

Canada’s only authorized distributor
for senseFly drones.

eMotion Ag

Agriculture data management software

eMotion Ag

eMotion Ag is senseFly’s easy-to-use flight and data management software for the eBee SQ. It supports field boundary imports, multi-field flights, and the direct uploading of the drone’s multispectral images to cloud services to create machine-readable application maps.




With its simple, field-based flight planning, multi-flight projects and built-in Flight Data Manager, eMotion Ag helps you get your drone quickly in the air and minimise the time you spend planning flights and managing data.


eMotion Ag is fully compatible with your existing Farm Management Information System (FMIS), ag machinery and workflow. There is no need to reinvent how you work.


eMotion Ag is the connected hub of your drone operations. It connects wirelessly to your drone, to popular online cloud solutions, and even includes airspace data and weather updates.


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