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Do you want to buy high quality surverying and mapping equipment? Purchase your drones online in Canada with ease from!

AgEagle Drones

  • eBee X

    eBee X

    Absolute Accuracy up to 1.5 cm/0.6 in.
    Flight time up to 90 min.
    Takeoff weight 1.6 kg
    up to seven sensers and cameras compatable
    Optimized cameras up to 500 ha/1,235 ac.
    Transport Canada registered “Controlled Airspace”, “Near People”, ” Over People”

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  • eBee Geo

    eBee Geo

    Absolute Accuracy up to 2.5 cm 1 inch with RTK availble
    Flight time up to 45 min.
    Takeoff weight 1.3 kg
    RGBbuilt in camera
    Optimized cameras up to 160 ha/395 ac.
    Transport Canada registered “Controlled Airspace”, “Near People”, ” Over People”

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  • eBee Ag

    eBee Ag

    Absolute Accuracy up to 2.5 cm / 1 in in GSD while collecting data
    Flight time up to 55 min.
    Takeoff weight 1.6 kg
    Camera RGB and Multispectral camera
    Optimized cameras up to 160 ha/3955 ac.
    Transport Canada registered “Controlled Airspace”, “Near People”, ” Over People”

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Parrot Drones

Autel Drones


  • AgEagle S.O.D.A.

    AgEagle S.O.D.A. 3D

    The AgEagle S.O.D.A. 3D mapping camera is a unique innovation – a professional drone photogrammetry camera that changes orientation during flight to capture three images (2 obliques, 1 nadir) every time, instead of just one, for a much wider field of view. It is optimized for quick, robust image processing with Pix4Dmapper.


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  • AgEagle Aeria X

    AgEagle Aeria X

    This rugged innovation offers the perfect blend of size, weight and DSLR-like image quality. It offers stunning image detail and clarity, in virtually all light conditions, allowing you to map for more hours per day than ever before.

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  • AgEagle Duet T

    AgEagle Duet T

    The AgEagle Duet T is a rugged dual RGB/thermal mapping camera rig. Use it to create geo-accurate thermal maps and digital surface models quickly and easily.

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  • AgEagle Duet M

    High-resolution RGB and multispectral camera

    AgEagle Duet M is an innovative dual-purpose RGB and multispectral mapping camera rig. Use it to create geo-accurate multispectral maps and high-resolution digital surface models (DSMs) quickly and easily.

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  • MicaSense RedEdge- MX

    MicaSense RedEdge- MX

    The RedEdge-MX is a rugged and precise multispectral camera for advanced agricultural analysis. This high-performance tool captures both the spectral bands required for crop health indices (green, red, red edge and near-infrared), a blue band for deeper insights into specific issues, plus composite RGB imagery.

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  • Parrot Sequoia+

    Parrot Sequoia+

    Based upon years of global Parrot Group research and experience, the Sequoia+ multispectral camera offers a unique blend of accuracy, production quality and competitive price.

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  • AgEagle S.O.D.A.

    AgEagle S.O.D.A.

    The AgEagle S.O.D.A. is the first photogrammetry camera to be built for professional drone use and has quickly become the reference sensor in its field. It captures amazingly sharp aerial images, across light conditions, with which to produce detailed, vivid orthomosaics and ultra-accurate 3D digital surface models.

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  • AgEagle Corridor

    AgEagle Corridor

    Linear mapping made easy

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  • LP 360 GeoSpace

    Geospatial data to client deliverables ― made easy!

    Quality control LiDAR data, extract information, and derive products from large datasets

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  • LP360 Drone

    UAV LiDAR and photogrammetry data processing

    Process, analyze, and maximize drone survey data, producing valuable information and deliverables
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  • Terrasolid

    GeoCue is the designated North American reseller of Terrasolid software. Terrasolid develops software products that are used worldwide for processing point cloud and image data from airborne and mobile LiDAR systems. Running inside Bentley’s MicroStation CAD software, Terrasolid offers a variety of tools for viewing, analyzing, and extracting features from 3D point clouds accurately and efficiently. Additional modules offer workflows for LiDAR sensor calibration and point cloud data correction, surface modeling, and orthophoto generation from LiDAR and imagery. Terrasolid software supports LiDAR data from all sources: airborne, mobile, and static scanners.

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  • Tersus TC50 Data Controller w/ NUWA or MicroSurvey

    The TC50 is a rugged data controller with a 5” sunlight-readable HD touch screen and an alphanumerical keypad. Equipped with a powerful Octa-core 2.0GHz CPU processor, Android 8.1 operating system, 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM. It features a 5MP front camera and 12MP rear camera. A professional IP68 certified grade makes the TC50 water, shock and dustproof, with proven reliability in any environment.

    Pair it with NUWA or MicroSurvey Software

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  • MicroSurvey FieldGenius

    Use the full array of features with the hardware you currently have.

    FieldGenius is brand neutral, with drivers to support most common hardware available in the market today, as well as yesterday. FieldGenius is a professional full-featured field survey software that boosts productivity with an intuitive and easy to use interface.
    Instead of committing to a specific hardware that will become obsolete, investing in FieldGenius will allow you to use all your gear, regardless of brand.

    Reliable code-free linework

    FieldGenius is a powerful, code-free GIS mapping and data management app. Our code-free linework is the best in the business, and as a result, hasn’t been changed since the product was introduced in 2001. FieldGenius is powerful in its simplicity as it doesn’t rely on any complicated coding for anything from linework to point descriptors. To create complex linework you only need to master the three elements: the Mapview touchscreen, the three buttons on topo toolbar and the active figures list. No modified point descriptor needed.

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    High-end photogrammetry suite.


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  • eMotion


    A drone’s flight management (or ground station) software defines your experience—if this is complicated or confusing, operations can quickly become a chore. eMotion is different: it’s advanced, scalable drone software that anyone can use.

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  • eMotion Ag
  • Pix4Dfields


    Inspect, analyze and visualize your crop changes all year round

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  • Pix4Dmapper
  • Pix4Dcloud
  • Pix4Dmatic

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