MicaSense RedEdge Sensor and Camera - MX – Cartocanada

MicaSense RedEdge-P

RedEdge-P features a high-resolution panchromatic band for pan-sharpened output resolutions of 2 cm / 0.8 in at 60 m / 200 ft.

Its five narrow multispectral bands with scientific-grade filters make it the perfect camera for calculating multiple vegetation indices and composites.




High resolution panchromatic sensor

With a high-resolution panchromatic imager, RedEdge-P enables higher-resolution RGB and multispectral outputs – 2 cm per pixel / 0.78 in per pixel resolution when flying at 60 m / 200 ft . With sharper imagery, you can spot smaller problems or features sooner and make more reliable management decisions across a variety of use cases.

Fast capture rate

RedEdge-P leverages CFexpress, a 2 TB removable storage that enables up to three captures per second*, immediate turnaround time between flights by swapping cards, and fast card-to-computer upload speeds for more efficient data management.

*depending on user configuration settings

Global Shutter

The RedEdge-P  camera features a global shutter for distortion-free image captures.


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