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GeoSLAM Accessories

GeoSLAM Accessories


    ZEB Horizon

    Effortless data capture

    With a range of 100m, the ZEB Horizon is great for outdoor use including spaces where features are positioned further apart. Its lightweight and compact design also make it perfect for indoor surveys.

    ZEB Horizon is your tool to capture, process, and understand the world around you.

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  • ZEB Revo RT

    ZEB Revo RT

    “Go-anywhere” 3D mobile mapping technology

    Scan, process, and track your progress as you go.

    Handheld, lightweight, and easy to use, the ZEB Revo RT allows you to rapidly build highly accurate 3D models within minutes, while on the move.

    The complete solution that allows you to start mapping the world around you today with any WiFi-enabled device. Scan, visualize, and process simultaneously, as you walk.

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  • ZEB Go

    ZEB Go

    Handheld laser scanning for everyone

    If you’re looking for a reliable way to map and understand spaces, meet the ZEB Go.
    The ZEB Go is your first step in SLAM handheld technology, so whether it’s the first time you’ve looked at digital surveying, or you want each of your sites equipped with the smartest SLAM, the ZEB Go is the place to start.

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