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Transport Canada Approves eBee X for Operations Over People  

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  • eBee X

    eBee X

    Absolute Accuracy up to 1.5 cm/0.6 in.
    Flight time up to 90 min.
    Takeoff weight 1.6 kg
    Up to seven sensors and cameras compatible
    Optimized cameras up to 500 ha/1,235 ac.

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  • Trueview 515

    LiDar Scanner – Hesai PandarXT-32
    LIDAR Beams/Returns – 32/2
    Pulse Repetition Rate – 640 kHz
    Dual Cameras (Port, Starboard) – ‡25° cross-track oblique
    Camera Sensor – Sony 1″ CMOS IMX-183

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  • Matrice 300 RTK

    15 km Max Transmission
    55-min Max Flight Time
    IP45 Rating
    Smart Inspection
    Smart Pin & Track
    Primary Flight Display

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  • Trueview 535

    LiDar Scanner – Hesai M2X
    LIDAR Beams/Returns – 32/2
    Pulse Repetition Rate – 640 kHz
    Triple Cameras – ‡120° cross-track FOV combined
    Camera Sensor – Triple 1’’ mechanical shutter, hardware mid-exposure pulse, 60 MP combined, RGB

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Leaders in Lidar Mapping

We work with the industry’s leading companies to deploy and build scalable LiDAR and drone mapping software and hardware to help users achieve successful data collection, processing, and management. We also offer training, support, and consulting services for ultimate success.

LiDAR has revolutionized the way we capture elevation data and map 3D features. Having the tools and expertise to work with LiDAR point cloud data is critical to realizing its value. GeoCue offers a complete range of professional LiDAR mapping software, training, and support to help you get the most out of your data.

Faro & GeoSLAM

The market leader in SLAM technology.

GeoSLAM (now Faro) technology gives people the power to collect geospatial data from some of the most difficult environments, whether they are indoors, outdoors, underground – EVERYWHERE. Within minutes you can be collecting data with our handheld LiDAR scanners.

With Faro’s mapping equipment, you can capture and model complex data up to 10x faster, completing projects in minimum time with little or no disruption at the project site. The versatile 3D mapping laser technology is adaptable to any environment in all industries, especially complex and enclosed spaces, without the need for GPS.


Technology to make work safer and more efficient.

AgEagle’s professional drones are the world’s most widely-used aerial mapping tools. Employed by thousands of geospatial and agricultural workers across the globe, these safe, lightweight systems offer automatic operation, professional-grade software, and application-specific camera options.

Our fixed-wing drone solutions simplify the collection and analysis of geospatial data, allowing professionals in surveying, agriculture, engineering and humanitarian aid to make better decisions, faster.


Built Tough. Works Smart.

The Matrice 300 RTK is DJI’s latest commercial drone platform that takes inspiration from modern aviation systems. Offering up to 55 minutes of flight time, advanced A1 capabilities, 6 Directional Sensing & Positioning and more, the M300 RTK sets a whole new standard by combining intelligence with high-performance and unrivaled reliability.

The all-new OcuSync Enterprise enables transmission up to 15 km away and supports triple-channel3 1080p video. Real-time auto-switching between 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz4 enables more reliable flight near high-interference environments, while AES-256 encryption offers secure data transmission.


Canada’s authorized dealer and service centre for AgEagle and GeoSLAM.

At CartoCanada Inc., we are committed to providing our clients with industry leading solutions in mapping and inspection drone/RPAS, mobile LiDAR and GNSS antennas. Our Canada-wide service, support and training, along with our unique combination of experience and expertise, makes us Canada’s only 100% dedicated professional geospatial solutions company.

Whether you are looking for aerial mapping drones or ground surveying equipment, we have the right solution for your needs.



Projects that took days or weeks are now possible in just a few hours.


Boost crop yields and efficiency with accessible aerial imagery for farms


Drones can quickly and safely survey your job site and build accurate maps for assessment.


Make educated forestry planning choices with detailed drone imagery.


Increase site safety and efficiency with precision 3D imagery.


Drones improve scheduling, planning and accuracy of engineering projects.


If you have a short term project, or would like to try our handheld LiDAR scanners to find the best fit for your needs, we of/fer short term rentals on all GeoSLAM mobile scanning equipment.


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Certain qualifications are needed for drone operation in Canada. Be sure
you have what you need.