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eBee Series (Classic, RTK) battery


eBee Series (Classic, RTK) battery

The EVO II RTK series integrates an entirely new RTK module, which provides real-time centimeter-level positioning data and supports Post-Processing Kinematic (PPK). The aircraft can record the original satellite observation data, camera exposure parameters and various other data. The positioning system supports A-RTK base station and RTK network, which helps to achieve accurate and stable data acquisition in complex operation environments.

Max Flight Time: 36 Minutes

Max Transmission: Range 9km

Max Speed: 20 m/s


EVO II Dual 640T RTK is equipped with a high resolution thermal imaging camera and 8K visible light camera, enabling you to capture highly detailed imagery to achieve optimal insights.

Precise temperature measurement

The EVO II Dual 640T RTK can accurately detect heat sources within a distance of 2-5 meters. By leveraging the compensation algorithm of infrared temperature measurement, the 640T RTK can regulate temperature deviations within 3 degrees Celsius.

High-resolution Thermal imaging sensor

The 640T RTK has a 13mm focal length combined with a 640*512 thermal imaging sensor, and an 8K ultra-high-definition visible camera. Together, these sensors provide you with dual vision to give you the crisp and clear imagery you need to accomplish your missions.

eBee Plus and Classic Trade Up Program

As you know, senseFly will be phasing out official support for the eBee Plus and eBee Classic in March this year. However, CartoCanada will continue to offer support and repairs to these models while replacement parts are available.

Take advantage of our full trade-in/trade-up program for any EOL senseFly product towards the new eBee X platform.

Get up to $9,000 CAD value for your trade-in!

We are also offering up to $5,000 CAD towards any eBee X for any non-RTK system that can use their current SODA camera (eBee X integration sold separately).

For any questions or concerns, contact us at support@CartoCanada.ca or give us a call at 877-453-0657




The eBee Plus can map a larger area, per flight, than any drone in its weight class, so you can maximise your efficiency & plan projects with confidence.


The eBee Plus survey drone includes High-Precision on Demand; built-in RTK/PPK functionality to activate out of the box or when required. It‘s survey-grade accuracy you control, without the need for ground control points.


The eBee Plus offers a camera to suit virtually every geospatial application: the senseFly S.O.D.A. (supplied) for photogrammetric drone mapping, plus thermal infra-red & multispectral options.

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