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  • GeoSlam UAV Mount (For DJI M300)

    Using a standard ZEB Horizon with one of our quick release drone mounts, you can go from walking to flying in minutes.

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  • GeoSlam Reference Plate

    Base for fixed reference point during initialization.

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  • GeoSlam Dual Initialization Base

    Base for fixed reference point during initialization. Can also be mounted vertically.

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  • GeoSlam Charger

    Comes with multiple connections to charge your GeoSlam battery through 110v power outlets, 12V car adapter or USB power sources.

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  • GeoSlam Carbon Pole

    The lightweight carbon fibre allows you to mount your ZEB for mapping at height and difficult to access or hazardous areas such as ceiling voids, stockpiles and infrastructure inspection.

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  • GeoSlam Battery

    The battery has been tested and passed section 38.3 of the UN Manual of Tests and Criteria (UN Transportation Testing) and
    is approved for air shipment.

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  • GeoSlam Car Mount

    Using the ZEB car mount, the ZEB Horizon can be securely mounted to a vehicle to collect data up to 30mph/48kmph.

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  • Matrice 300 RTK

    15 km Max Transmission
    55-min Max Flight Time
    IP45 Rating
    Smart Inspection
    Smart Pin & Track
    Primary Flight Display

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  • LP 360 Geospatial

    Quality control LiDAR data, extract information, and derive products from large datasets

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  • LP360 Drone

    Process, analyze, and maximize drone survey data, producing valuable information and deliverables

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  • Trueview 515

    LiDar Scanner – Hesai PandarXT-32
    LIDAR Beams/Returns – 32/2
    Pulse Repetition Rate – 640 kHz
    Dual Cameras (Port, Starboard) – ‡25° cross-track oblique
    Camera Sensor – Sony 1″ CMOS IMX-183

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  • TrueView 655/660

    LiDar Scanner – RIEGL miniVUX-3UAV
    LIDAR Beams/Returns – Up to 5 per outgoing pulse
    Pulse Repetition Rate – Up to 300 kHz (selectable)*
    Position and Orientation System (POS) – (655) Applanix APX-15 | (660) Applanix APX-20
    Camera Sensor – 3 Sony IMX-183: 1”, 20 MP, RGB -> 60 MP per payload

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